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GenIT - Analyzing ... Generating ... Testing ... Verifying ... Documenting & Encrypting.

GenIT is a tool to support the quality of development and simplification of testing for Business Intelligence projects.
It comes with some other software components and even a model for the use of the tool which has proved as Best Practice.
An installation for operation is not necessary since the tool is as an "all-inclusive standalone application" committed.

To configure the databases and repositories ConnectIT is used. It sets up the database connection using ODBC, the repository can be stored in a database or file system.
Using AnalyseIT databases can be analyzed. For example actions like a review of the configuration of the source database or the provision of test data for later testing are possible. In addition, changes to the databases will be tracked.
GenIT itself serves to generate test data and can directly fill your source tables with different data (sequences or functions) for Integer, Real, String, Date and Time and so on or create SQL Loader and flat files.
The examination of the test results is done with CheckIT. This allows to compare multiple data sources by SQL or with other references.
To subject the work of a developer by a static quality test ReportIT can be used. It documents Informatica© PowerCenter© Mappings in a well-arranged Word document. The criteria used to verify the developer code may be configured and adapted for each project.
For anonymization of production data or test data a component exists named ScrambleIT. ScrambleIT swaps the values of a critical column in a table against pre-defined values. In this way one can pass sensitive data to third parties without making the data unusable (unrealistic) for the development or test.

Because the production of research, reports, or test data may use many resources, JobIT can balance the load on several computers on which GenIT is installed.
Where analyses of tables and reports have to be regularly created or entire processes have to be automated, all components can be controlled by using command line.

The improvement of daily work by GenIT are likely to be enormous in many projects as data analysis and preparation are mostly manual work and require usually a lot of time. And which project can argue that its developer documentation is always up to date?

The licensing for GenIT and its components is quite flexible. Licenses for individual components or the whole package can be acquired for a limited period. May be only a few licenses of a component are required since, for example, the analysis could be automated and therefore only a single license is required for AnalyzeIT.

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